Management philosophy

About us

B Food Science Co., Ltd. is committed to contributing to the preservation of the global environment, and endeavors to achieve the sustainable growth of a healthy and prosperous society. A member of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., we maintain a keen awareness of keeping compliance with the laws and regulations, being equipped with an established, sound internal controls framework.
We are committed to bringing benefits to all our stakeholders by pursuing business activities that delve deeply into the realm of science.

  1. We ensure the reliable supply of safe, dependable products, as well as the benefits resulted from technical innovations.
  2. We offer our employees opportunities for enhancement of quality-of-life and self-fulfillment.
  3. We contribute in various aspects to society through tax payment, creation of employment opportunities, and effective use of natural resources.
  4. By maintaining sound financials and stable profit-earning capability, we contribute to the consolidated management of our shareholder.

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