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Company Name B Food Science Co., Ltd.
Capital 250 million yen
Founded October 1, 1969
Business Activities Manufacture, sale, contract manufacturing and wholesaling of raw materials, especially sugar based polyols for functional food, pharmaceutical, and chemical product materials.
Head Office
Nagoya Plant
24-12, Kitahama-machi
Chita-shi, Aichi
478-0046, JAPAN
TEL:+81-562-55-1171 / FAX:+81-562-55-0856

Tokyo Head Office
Tokyo Sales Office
17th Floor, Tokyo Sankei Bldg.
1-7-2, Otemachi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
100-0004, JAPAN
TEL:+81-3-6202-2131 / FAX:+81-3-6202-2141

Osaka Sales Office
19th Floor. Osaka Mitsui Bussan Bldg.
2-3-33, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku
Osaka-shi, Osaka
530-0005, JAPAN
TEL:+81-6-6226-2791 / FAX:+81-6-6226-2798

Tokyo Application Center
Hagoromo Bldg.
1-2-10, Uchikanda
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0047, JAPAN
TEL:+81-3-3291-8850 / FAX:+81-3-3291-8851

President & CEO Akito Umeda
Accounting term March
Stockholder Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
No. of employees 242

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