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For over 50 years since its founding in October 1969, B Food Science has been a reliable supplier of sugar based polyols used as functional materials for various applications in fields ranging from foods and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and chemicals. I would like to express our profound gratitude for the loyal support of our customers during that time.

In this era of VUCA, we have identified a number of issues and missions in our business environment. These include the reliable supply of safe, dependable food, the improvement of food quality, the reduction of food losses, health promotion, human resource development, and productivity improvement, as well as contribution to the solutions for energy and climate change problems.

We have earned the support of our customers by using the knowledge of sugar based polyols accumulated through business operations spanning many decades, together with our extensive product lineup, to propose new value creation opportunities in the form of evidence-based functional materials with the potential to contribute to our customers’ product development efforts by solving problems and enhancing functionality. In addition to our products for the food sector, this science-based approach to innovation has enabled us to attract a growing number of customers by offering new applications in other fields, such as cosmetics.

As a food science company in the Mitsui & Co. group, and as a leading company in the field of sugar based polyols, we aim to achieve further growth by leveraging our core strengths, acquiring new knowledge, and taking up new challenges, so that we can contribute to improving the quality of life, and to the development of a sustainable society.

The management and employees of B Food Science look forward to the continuing support and guidance of our stakeholders.

Akito Umeda
President & CEO
B Food Science Co., Ltd.

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