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What are sugar based polyols?

Like starch syrup and sucrose, sugar based polyols are categorized as a part of sugar family. They can be found in fruits, such as apples,prunes, and strawberries, and in mushrooms and vegetables.
In addition to their excellent nature in sweetness, they also provide a variety of advantageous functions, such as physical and chemical stability.

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About our products

Sugar based polyols are usefully and widely used in our daily lives.
We are committed to domestic production in Japan and to manufacture safe, dependable and high-quality products.

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About B Food Science Co, Ltd.

About our activities

B Food Science Co., Ltd. is contributing to enhancement of people’s lives everywhere through the production of numerous foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and industrial products,in compliance with all related laws and regulations.

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About us

B Food Science is a leading manufacturer of sugar based polyols in Japan.
As a member of the Mitsui & Co. group, we are pioneering the future for a wide spectrum of industries through our deep commitment to science.

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